Factors That Affect the Quality of Semen Produced

Semen is the fluid ejaculated by men when sexually aroused. The semen contains the sperms which are able to fertilize a woman egg to produce a baby. The amount of semen produced in each man is totally different from the other. There are quite a number of things which affect the quantity of the semen produced in the body in the body. Here are some given factors known to affect the rate of ejaculation from the body of a man. Here's a good read about  source website , check it out! 

First the level of hydration in the body is significant in the quantity produced. There is a level of fluid that a man's body ought to have which makes it all possible for them to function properly and produce enough body fluid. This is why men who tend to take lots of alcohol will have a lower volume of the semen produced since alcohol tends to absorb a lot of water from the body and in which case the dehydration will show in the semen produced. Doctors advise couples who are trying to have a baby to cut the amount of alcohol and smoking they do or else they stop in at all.

The frequency that a man gets in sexual encounters is also a factor to be determined in the quantity and quality of semen produced. The more active the man is the less amount of semen they will be able to produce at a certain time of the day. The activity rate of a man is very significant in the amounts they are able to give and abstaining from any sexual activity for a couple of days can result to huge amounts of semen to be produced. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started .

The age of a man can also show significant factors in the amount of semen produced. When the men get older then they show a decrease in the amount of semen they produce during the ejaculations. That is why some opt for medications which help in keeping the erection longer and help them to get more stamina so that they may be able to have the contractions which result to higher levels of the semen produced. There is a need for proper nutrition accompanied by the exercises to boost the semen production which is the healthier alternative to taking drugs to help in this.

There are some medical conditions that are known to cause low semen production. It is therefore required that of you notice that the amount of semen has reduced to huge levels then consulting a doctor will be important. Kindly visit this website  http://www.wikihow.com/Increase-Sperm-Volume for more useful reference.